Top 10 Career Choices For Recent College Graduates

Top 10 Career Choices For Recent College Graduates


Writing is a skill which has gained a lot of importance in past few years. UK and Canada education system gives a lot of focus on writing essays, assignments, papers and other coursework. Students are allotted topics by their respective subject papers and they need to finish composing their papers and submitting within the set deadline. All these academic assignments require a skill set. Students must be well versed in the different writing and referencing styles, structuring of the content, formatting, proofreading and much more. One of the most important aspects of writing is research. Undergraduates should not just dive into writing, but first perform in-depth research of the given topic. This will help bring about authenticity and uniqueness in the article. Referencing and citation is very important in your paper. There are different referencing styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and you should be well-versed in them.

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Writing essay helps students in many ways. It helps bring about a logical approach in the thought process, helps develop a writing style and also helps you manage time efficiently and effectively.

We have listed the most preferred top 10 career choices for college graduates:

  1. Software Engineer: Technology is a rapidly developing and growing field. And most of the technical colleges accepts students in IT sectors.
  2. Registered Nurse: The healthcare industry requires various skill sets and is always is on the lookout to recruit college graduates.
  3. Teacher/Professor: This requires dedication and most college graduates after pursuing higher education, want to acquire roles as mentors and teachers.
  4. Accountant: It is growing field and many students are interested in financial transactions and money dealings.
  5. Salesperson: Most of the students are fluent in language and know how to sell a product and convince people. It is a very sough after career choice.
  6. Project Manager: This is a top-level job status. Most undergraduates are highly efficient and organized and can very easily look for such job opportunities.
  7. Account Manager: Primary objective is to deal with clients and resolve all client crisis. Students who are efficient in verbal communication, often find these prospects suitable.
  8. Financial Analyst: Finance, taxes, audit is comfortable for graduates who have studied the respective domains and subjects.
  9. Account Executive: It is a sales role and places great emphasis on customer relationships.
  10. Administrative Assistant: Graduates want to gain insights into working of a company and different profiles. And this is a great place to start.

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