Revision Policy


Requests raised for Revision is completely free before the deadline and the final delivery of the paper. We know that at times you may not be completely content with our work and would want us to tweak it as per your requirements. To ensure this is a smooth process, we encourage our students to keep a track of their assignments and ask for drafts in intervals to check if it matches with the prerequisites before the final delivery.

If you ask for revisions after the assignment has been dispatched, we will be happy to do so provided it falls within our Revision Policy and Terms and Conditions stated below.

  • Revisions free of cost (depending on Terms and Conditions) will be entertained maximum of 3 times. Hence, we request you to share your information and concerns all at once.
  • Revision request for assignments already delivered to you will be accepted till 15 days post-delivery and the approval will be subject to the Terms and Conditions.
  • If the revision request raised constitutes of a new topic like a case study or a research or changing reference guidelines, which was absent when the order was placed, then that will be counted as new work and you will be required to pay additional amount for that extra job which will be addressed by the experts.

For effective and prompt resolution please mail us your concerns. The queries are directly forwarded to the experts for immediate solution.

  • We provide 3 free Revision cycles subject to terms and conditions per assignment. Only one set of revision instructions can be processed at a time. Any extra details provided later will be treated in the next revision cycle.
  • Your presence and diligence are mandatory if you raise a revision request. In case of a delay from your end, TutorsMine will not be held responsible for missing of the submission deadline.
  • We request you to provide detailed feedback (preferably from your Professor) and also a list of specific details where changes will be required. Vague comments such as “It is not good” or “I asked for something else” will not be treated as revision requests.
  • Exclusions to our free revision policy apply as per the terms and conditions.
  • TutorsMine reserves the right to refuse revision requests as per the given terms and conditions. In such cases where you are not eligible for the same, you can contact our Support team and we will try and resolve your concern, but are not bound to do so.


Terms and Conditions

  • Free revision is not applicable on assignments dealing with technical subjects that include but is not limited to all Engineering subjects, mathematics assignment, ECTS and software-based help which may include but not limited to Python, R-studio, MATLAB, C, Java, SQL etc.
  • Free revisions are not applicable on lengthy assignments. Lengthy here refers to any assignment having a word count equal to or more than 4000 words.
  • TutorsMine reserves the right to make changes in the existing revision policy at the sole discretion of the company’s management without informing the users and the public in general.

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