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What is HRM

Human Resources, also known as HR is the administration of individuals in an organization. A Human Resources expert is essentially concerned with the administration of different individuals within an organization. They normally attempt various exercises which include staff benefits outline, worker enlistment, training and development, performance examination, and benefits. Human Resources deals with the organizational change and modern relations.

Responsibilities of Human Resource Experts

  • Planning

The primary function of the human resource department is planning, basically workforce planning. Here the department conducts discussion and take the decision on the type of skills required and accordingly hires staffs.

  • Recruitment

One of the most important functions of the department of human resource is hiring right staffs. Candidate’s eligibility, skills, qualification and other requirements are decided by the experts.

  • Selection

Human resource department not only deals with recruitment but also carries out the selecting part. All candidates who apply for a designation cannot be selected. Thus, human resource board has the responsibility of conducting a fair selection process by choosing the best and the right individuals.

  • Placement

Candidates who are selected are placed according to their skill and eligibility; this task requires the skill set of a specialized professional who can correctly place the candidates in the right designation.

  • Remuneration

It goes without saying that when a company recruits, they have to pay salary to their employees. It is the the responsibility of the human resource department to ensure that the staff are getting paid on time.



  • Training

Employees need valuable training to produce the best result. Good training can transform the performance efficiency of employees. Human resource management decides the training process and focuses on how to enhance the skill of the employees.

  • Orientation

Orientation is an integral role that human resource department plans to introduce the newly elected employees into the organization. It is a process through which employees acquaint themselves with the rules and regulations which are needed to be maintained in the organization.

  • Recordkeeping

Maintaining documentation and records of the existing and past employees is extremely important. This crucial work is the responsibility of the human resource management who safeguards the records and credentials of an organization.

  • Performance assessment and evaluation

In order to help the employees to yield the best results, it is important to monitor their performance time to time. This regularity in monitoring and guiding the employees helps the company achieve the best performance.

Human Resource is the key subject area for MBA studies, as it helps to prepare students for future professional challenges. Leadership, Organizational behaviour, Negotiation and People Management are the few key topics covered as a part of Human resource studies. Students also need to solve multiple Human Resource assignment, projects and case studies to enhance their understanding. HR being a broad and complex subject area, students need expert guidance to solve assignments and secure high grades.

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