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What is Corporate Law?

Corporate law is the body of laws, rules, regulations and practices that govern the formation and operation of corporations. It is the body of law that regulates legal entities that exist to conduct business. The laws touch on the rights and obligations of all of the people involved with forming, owning, operating and managing a corporation.

There are five principles that are common to corporate law:

  1. Legal personality

Corporation owners pool their resources into a separate entity. That entity can use the assets and sell them. Creditors can’t easily take the assets back. Instead, they form their own entity that acts on its own.

  1. Limited liability

When a corporation gets sued, it’s only the corporation’s assets that are on the line. The plaintiff can’t go after the personal assets of the corporation’s owners. A corporation’s limited liability allows owners to take risks and diversify their investments.

  1. Transferrable shares

If an owner decides they no longer want a share in the corporation, the corporation doesn’t have to shut down. One of the unique features of a corporation is that owners can transfer shares without the same difficulties and hassles that come with transferring ownership of a partnership. There can be limits on how shareholders transfer ownership, but the fact that ownership can be transferred allows the corporation to go on when owners want to make changes.

  1. Delegated management

Corporations have a defined structure for how they conduct their affairs. There’s a board of directors and officers. These groups share and split decision-making authority. Board members hire and monitor officers. They also ratify their major decisions. The shareholders elect the board.

  1. Investor ownership

Owners have a say in making decisions for the corporation, but they don’t directly run the company. Investors also have the right to the corporation’s profits. Usually, an owner has decision-making authority and profit sharing in proportion to their ownership interest. Owners typically vote to elect board members.

Why do corporate laws exist?

The laws and rules that govern corporations keep all corporations operating on a level playing field. Corporate law is meant to be friendly for business. It’s not meant to make it harder to get things done. Rules that govern forming a corporation and rules for how to take corporate actions are meant to help business and make things fair for everyone. They make sure that corporations act in predictable ways that others can rely on.

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