Assignment Writing And The Effects On A Student’s Everyday Life

Assignment Writing And The Effects On A Student’s Everyday Life

The education sector in today’s world is highly dynamic. It is a constantly changing scenario and students are pushed and motivated and encouraged to attain impossible feats. One of them being writing assignments, expositions, essays, case studies, dissertation and much more. Assignments, as we have come to know, are one of the most vital segments of an academic curriculum and have a high weightage. And this is the reason why a majority of the students compose assignments unwillingly. This unwillingness is reflected in their documents and eventually leads to low marks and poor-quality submissions.

Even though the majority of school/college students aren’t really a huge fan of academic assignments but the practice of assignment writing has its own advantages for the betterment of students. Very often students write assignments just because they want to score good grades, but they are unaware of the positive impact it brings in their life and how it positively affects their future growth. Listed below are some of the pros of academic writing:


Help clear the mind and sorts out the thought processes

Writing is often said to be the best way to channel your inner thoughts and emotions. It helps clear your mind, makes you more focussed and prioritise your daily work. Therefore, writing, in general, can be really useful in this context, whether it’s your essay assignment or your coursework paper. There are a lot of people who go through severe stress and anxiety when they have a pending assignment hanging over their head like a sword ready to drop. But when you write your assignments regularly, it not only soothes your mind but also gives you ample free time to focus on other activities.

Helps achieve a goal/deadline

Having a goal or an ambition is the reason people wake up every day and work hard towards it with the dream of achieving it. As a student, it is extremely importantto have an ambition/goal in life. And when you have set an objective for yourself, you will be encouraged and motivated to push yourself. Assignment or Essay writing is basically a deadline-oriented task. When you receive such services from your professor, you know that you have to finish it within the stipulated time. So naturally, you set some goals for the task, which eventually help you to accomplish the task in time. As you adapt the habit of assignment writing, you familiariseyourself with the idea of goal setting as well as achieving it. This helps you challenge yourself and make yourself work towards attaining a successful and flourishing life.


We have innumerable thoughts flitting across our mind with each passing moment. And we do not feel the urge to write them down, not even the most important ones. Well, writing down your thoughts can be a tiring deal, but what you don’t realize is that some of those thoughts can be useful to your work or even personal life. If you write your assignments and case studies regularly, you must be familiar with the term “brainstorming”. It basically means a process or session where new ideas are generated and processed. At times your academic assignment such as a project or a case study may require a brainstorming session to produce fresh ideas and a novel to the problem. And therefore, this habit of jotting down your ideas becomes inculcated in you and proves to be useful skill in your professional front.

Acquiring awareness and analytical skills

The primary objective of the academic assignments is to test the knowledge as well as analytical ability of the students. Most of the academic assignments need a thorough analysis on a particular topic. For a beginner, it can be a little difficult to grasp the process of critical analysis of gathered data, but as you keep on drafting one assignment after another your analytical as well as your cognitive abilities improve drastically. When you develop the habit of assignment writing, you actually allow yourself to learn in-depth details of various topics. This practice not only rewards you with impressive grades but also teaches how to look at situations with a more scientific and logical approach.

Improving writing skills

Having impressive writing skills is a much in demand skill set as the curriculum requires you to submit numerous essays assignments, homework, and research papers  every week. You may not be the best writer in the class, but in order to thrive in this competitive environment, you need to develop your writing skills. While a certain basic level of writing skills is required to draft the assignments, it is also a fact that once you get in the process of drafting academic assignments on a regular basis, it can improve by several folds.

Enhancing your research skills

Every academic assignment demands a certain level of research in order to gather relevant information on any given topic. It means if you aim to compose a remarkable assignment and receive incredible scores in return, then you need to go undergo a thorough and an in-depth study of that particular field and find out all the significant details. For a beginner, it can be pretty difficult task to conduct a full-fledged research on an academic issue but working on such assignments for several times can help you understand the research procedures and increase the abilities to conduct fruitful research.

Here are some of the cons of assignment writing that affect the day to day lives of the students.

Lack of Time

A students’ life is extremely hectic and filled with tight schedules. They have their academic classes to attend, then take part in extracurricular activities to score those extra points and finally most of them are engaged in part-time jobs which usually takes at least another couple of hours. In such a scenario, students are left with no time and energy nor the mindset to continue with the academic assignments. Moreover, they do not even get time to prepare for the final end semester examinations. Final exam is the most crucial part of the curriculum which evaluates the knowledge and understanding of the student and to proceed to the next level you need to perform well in the exams. But on the other hand, important assignments such as coursework paper or term paper are also assigned during this time, which eventually hampers the final preparation for a great number of students.

Mental stress and anxiety

Due to various challenges like lack of knowledge or time constraint a student may get intimidated by the thought of submitting the assignment and experience mental problems such as stress and anxietyat a young age. Young students in their teenage or early twenties due to the unbearable academic pressure and unending pile of homework and assignments are often subjected to depression. In fact, a considerable number of students all over the world suffer from some sort of mental problems because of the competitive environment and overwhelming pressure.

Restricting from other activities

Being a student is a very tough task. And more often than not it cuts you off from having a social life. They are unable to pay attention to other engagements and priorities. Like we mentioned before, every student has a busy schedule to meet and in doing so a lot of them cannot make enough time for the assignments. A lot of students spend sleepless nights to complete their assignments within the deadline, which creates a negative impact on the physical as well as mental health.

In a nutshell, the practice of assignment writing has its own set of pros and cons. While it can have a major influence on a student’s life but its negative impacts are also undeniable. Ultimately it is up to the students how you want to approach it because at the end of the day it is you who is going to experience it.


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